Thursday, 29 December 2011

for angels to fly...

...and yes, I am listening to Ed Sheeran as I type. 

So this is just a quick update because i've got access to the internet and can let people know what's going on. And because it's an excuse to trawl youtube for 'inspiring' tracks. 

Baby is big and she's fun - kicky and wriggly and still firmly ensconced right where she wants to be. I'm due in 5 days but from what I can sift out of the midwife/doctors/family/friends advice deluge is that she probably won't turn up any time soon. We're having a lovely time organising tiny clothes and making vast lists of everything that she 'needs'. Like baby Vans. The hospital bag is packed and my husband is somewhat hyper about the whole thing, he keeps shouting at my belly to 'come out now'. I love him a lot. 

Lewes is a big blessing - our flat is nice and John's bedecked all available space in bunting and fairy lights, to make me feel at home. Apparently he feels I belong in a Christmas Circus Cath Kidson Narnia Mashup. He is correct. 

Every day here is lovely because we're surrounded by people who care deeply about us. Despite our year of comings and goings, and our inability to return borrowed DVDs or remember social engagements accurately, our friends and family are beautiful humans without whom we would be screwed.

At the risk of seeming a little needy, i'm going to write a list of stuff we'd love you to pray for because quite frankly without God's hands on us we fall into tiny pieces.
1) Ahem, CHILDBIRTH. Some help with that would be good.
2) That we'll be able to give baby girl bump human everything she needs.
3) That in all the baby fun we won't forget Ukraine or to make the preparations we have to make. There's a lot to get ready. And I seem to mainly be thinking about pink outfits for a miniature person.  
4) John's arm: he's waiting for an operation to remove the plates so they can do an MRI scan. Then they will probably do at least one more operation to potentially re break it. This is all NHS and we're on a deadline so prayer for that to go quickly, smoothly and with minimum trauma would be lovely.
5) Income: with me about to bursty and John signed off and waiting for ops, any way of using our lives constructively would be good. 

right, going now. Love. xxxxxxxx

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  1. Just spent the morning reading your blog- I started and then I couldn't stop :) I like it alot... I'm so glad we get to hang out with you for a few months :) This is epic, I cried a bit. You guys are amazing xx