Thursday, 27 December 2012

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Hello again, 

for a couple of weeks I have been intending to do a grown up blog entry all about what we're up to with photos and stuff. But then we went to hospital and I got all angsty and needed to vent/process/celebrate with y'all.

However, you are due an update and i'm not due to write a newsletter for a few weeks so:

Here is a bit of what's going on at YWAM Vinnitsa right now.

Our DTS starts in just under two weeks and thus the team have been working incredibly hard preparing for this. We're a new base so it's not just the admin, staffing, planning side of things that's crazy - we also have to build our facilities! Hence, the attic conversion.
It's a huge space because it's the same size as the other floors just without being split up into rooms, so what we thought would take a few weeks has taken a few months.
Obviously the other ministries we do couldn't stop so the team has been working stupid hours getting the framework up, the dry wall up, fitting new flooring, mudding and other such things that I don't understand. I think John is upstairs right now trying to fit a door. The electrician is here installing heating - the guys have been working in a drafty open to the elements -20 environment for weeks. 
This is Dante, she's on staff from Canada and is stomping the mudding. What an odd phrase.

This is the attic. Half of it, anyway. 

Quite a bit more to do, but it's going well...

We haven't been by ourselves in this, a couple of outreach teams have come and done amazing jobs. (John just came down and told me that he spent hours fitting the door, stood back to admire his handiwork and realised that it's upside down. He is now sitting on the couch eating a twix. I think he's had enough for today.) We've been so blessed by the company and kindness and skill of all the teams that have come through.

So what do I do? After having come to terms with the fact that I kind of run a base building (for now, until next year when DTS is over and we start making it a transition home) I am embracing my role! I cook a lot. Seriously, cooking an impromptu meal for 11 people with no ingredients? Easy.

Also, I do a lot of this:

Baby + living in a building site + many guests living in our house = muchos laundry.

So with that glamorous post I shall leave you. Because this is my to do list, 

and onwards I must forge. 

p.s. A few people have asked for photos of orphans and shocking conditions and that kind of thing, but for the moment i'm not going to be doing that kind of thing. It feels voyeuristic and I don't think i'm comfortable telling peoples' stories for them - want to give others a voice not shout over them. So hopefully we'll get some interviews/ guest posts going on but until then i'm afraid it's just us and our story! Enjoy the pictures of washing machines! 

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