Monday, 29 November 2010


So we have some fantastic news; we are now only £2500 off the full amount of money we need for our DTS. This is so astounding as we had no idea the money would come in this quickly, and also because we weren't sure it would come in at all! Look out Switzerland, we're on our way...

How to say the next bit without being really cheesy? Writing about missions brings out the terribly patronising and religious part of my vocabulary, which will probably only get worse once writing proper newsletters. Sorry. Commence some jargon:
We sat in church last night and reflected on how blessed we are to be part of Southover. Our friends have taught us the meaning of family and community, and we've been overwhelmed by the kindness of Southover as a whole. The last year or so has really taught us a lot about how church should function and also about God's kindness and generosity - revealed in so many ways. The money that's come in has shown us his faithfulness and that people who love him are pretty good at loving others. In terms of moving away from such wonderful friends, leaving is going to be a very hard thing to do.

Having said that, I think that if we tried to chicken out the Watsons would march us to the airport and force us onto the plane, because they are very good friends indeed! 

Some things it'd be great if you could pray about:
- The rest of the money.
- Practical arrangments and admin type things like medical insurance etc.
- John's last few weeks of work. He wants to 'leave well' and is finding it hard to walk away from the people he's been caring for, please pray that this last stretch will be good.
- For everyone else who is going to be on the same course, that they'll all be able to get there so we can meet them! 

Love, J & F

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