Sunday, 20 February 2011

real life

Hi. This is the view from our window.

So this week has been intense. The topic was Identity in Christ, and it was basically a process of going even deeper into how God feels about people. Tears were enthusiastically shed. And yes, Dan the speaker did have specific stuff God wanted to say to both of us. Twice.

The teaching went so deep that we were all feeling fairly raw all week - superficial conversations were obliterated in a tide of sharing and caring.

So, that was cool.

It was also exhausting and by Friday none of us wanted to talk about our feelings, our emotions or our pasts. We wanted to go to sleep.

Poor broken armed hubby was actually pretty pleased to not be hitting the slopes on Saturday - he got some good alone time and lots of work done. I hit the slopes. With my face. Learning to snowboard is hard and it hurts a lot because compacted snow is not your fluffy friend, it is a concrete impersonator. Learning to snowboard is also some of the most fun i've had in years and years. There's something about that moment when you and your board and the mountain click that can only be described as...epic.

Obviously i've felt that feeling, um, twice. The rest of the time I was just hitting the mountain with my face. John says he's very proud of wifey. After such a feelingsy week it was so good to just pound everything out on the mountain. Sport is good.

This morning was a treat - we went to church in Lausanne. We will definately be going back. The worship was stunning, even though their rendition of Revelation Song was quite frankly not a patch on Ali and Emilie. But hey ho, it was very good to just belt out some songs to God after such a navel gazing week. The sermon was also one of the best on submission that i've ever heard. If you want the podcast I guess google C3 Church Lausanne. It's French into English and that was fun cos I think our bilingual status in increasing.

Next week is Holy Spirit week - we're both well up for this week. Not sure what to expect and we like that.

Other interesting things include:
I'm going to be getting some tuition on photoshop and illustrator plus the normal teaching cos a friend is letting me use her laptop. They run the comms and design school out of Lausanne so i'm gleaning the skills....

God keeps hinting more things about the future. Can't say specifics yet but it's kind of cool.

We may not be going to Egypt, but if we do it's going to be very interesting. We want to go. Pray.

John's back is not healing as fast as we'd like but he's had the stitches out of his arm and they are impressive. Please pray for him to heal quickly and well.

K, dinner's ready, so bye
J and F xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. love you guys! and love this blog! big hugs x