Saturday, 26 February 2011

Man perspective

Hello all,
John here this week because Fritha's creative juices are running low having done the blog for many weeks in a row. And she has just had a hard day snowboarding so needs a shower!

This week has been Father, Son and Holy Spirit week on the lectures front and we have had a lady called Maureen teaching us, she has been amazing and her heart for Jesus is one that's pretty much unrivaled in my experience this far. It was a real treat to learn from her and glean some of the amazing knowlege in her mind. We all learnt alot more about who this 3 in 1 God is and how he works or tried to but i pretty much got stuck at the 3 in 1 part. Turns out christianity can be wonderfully simple and also seriously complicated!

Its really fun to be on DTS.

In other news Fritha and i have come to the understanding that we are pretty negative on the whole and are setting about to change that. Fritha has put a note on our bedroom door and everytime we enter we write someting we are thankfull for. Mine pretty much are always food related im sure that must mean something. Its a funny thing to realise our negativity and as it was coming into focus God seemed to be pointing out different aspects of our lives and others around us that it was affecting. Negative talk is really not that nice and as ive been thinking about it its amazing how much hurt and pain words can cause even to ourselves.
Ok enough of that, looks like we are pretty much going to Egypt so thats good news. They are opening up the embassies again or someting so that means we can now go. Happy.

I had a sleep over (i should call it a "Manover") in the boys room on thursday night and that was.... hmmm, smelly. We played a card game that was seriously complicated and went on till at least 1.30am then the guys thought it would be a good idea to set up some sort of booby trap for poor Roman who came in after brushing his teeth only to knock down Cans and chairs set up for the purpose, i dont know who was more affected Roman or the girls the foor below! Anyway the night did what it was suposed to. Good Manly time with much junk food consumed.
Fritha slept in with the girls and I think they talked.

Next week's teaching is the cross, im pretty sure i know all there is to know about that so its gonna be a fun week of me crying and so on.

We are off to hang out at our school leaders house for hot chocolate and chats now.
Miss you.

F and J

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