Saturday, 5 March 2011


John again, sorry for all the fans of Frithas amazing writing skills but she is writing the official supporters letter this week and i thought it would be nice for her if i offered to write the blog again so...

...Here goes another week in the lives of the John and Fritha super duo.

This week has been interesting, we have been taught on the Cross and some how the speakers included in their teaching watching the film Seabiscuit. This film is about race horses in America and pretty much has nothing to do with the cross but is a nice film and made Fritha happy due to her love for horsey things and animals in general.
Its been a funny week, and up until the last day we were pretty much thinking this is very nice but kinda heard it all before, but then God turned up the heat and Fritha got some cool prophecies thrown in her direction about how being here is exactly where God wants her to be (phew). And then the teacher looked at me and just said "Preacher". Funny for those of you who know me. I ran out of the class crying in my mind but in body sat there sulking!
So that was exciting and of course we will be weighing up those words with lots of serious study and caution, especially mine!
We have re-learnt amazing truths like what Jesus did for us on the Cross and this has again put us in the position of absolute awe of how wonderfull it is to be a son/daughter of God!


We are amazingly blessed to be here and are very aware of this. Its still just wonderful to be around people who trust God for everything. Over the last few months we have been chatting to and getting to know a guy here called Tim who has been to many places in the world serving Jesus, listening to his voice and being obedient to the call what ever that is. And its people like this who we are getting to live with, getting to know, getting to pray with, getting to seek advice from who are really shaping our thoughts and increasing our faith levels in our Amazing God who provides and longs to guide our thoughts and steps.
Its wonderful to be here for the teaching but to be surrounded by faith like this its impossible not to trust God more and more. That he has got us and our silly little futures, that because of Jesus we are going to shape this broken world we live in for Good for his Kingdom come.

We really hope you all are having a good week.
do feel free to email us with any responses or prayer requests to:

Please keep praying for us as we prepare to go to Cairo at the end of March,
also that God would continue healing my back/arm. And that God will provide to cover Frithas dental bills and other unexpected costs that have cropped up over the last few weeks.

Thanks for reading.
God bless.

F + J xxxxx

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