Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bring It

Why good day to you.

Another late journal entry, ever so sorry about that. This blog post straddles last week's teaching and this week's frantic preparations. A tad divided, but I shall attempt to focus even though i'm listening to One Republic (again) as loud as my earphones will go. Sometimes I play air drums and alarm those sitting near me.

Anyway. Focus. Yes. Last week: must find another word for epic, but cannot. This teaching was on world view and that basically boils down to two questions. The first question seems to be 'what stories are the various cultures of the world telling us about God, people and this planet?' The second question is 'so what does God say about these things and how are we called to live?'

The answer to the latter? Love. Predictable and yet our preconceptions shattered again. I wish I could download the beauty in which were immersed for the second half of the week - stupid computers don't have a 'convey heart leaping' button. Someone should invent that.
We looked at how the Bible asks us to live, about how God intends for us to treat this world that he loves, and how he longs to treat us. And that 'everything is permissable' don't jump straight to the rules bit but sit and chew on that for a bit. Jesus is not a pansy. He does not faint or turn up his Holy nose in the face of my sin, but comes closer and holds me tighter. I think that's what we call grace.

Something that also stuck out for us both was how positive God is about all things that have beauty in them i.e. films, music, art etc. And family. And business. And justice. And chatting. And suddenly life seems so much more fulfilled.
Ok so I guess here's the next section. Hold on to your seat because it's deeply riveting...

we're packing.
That's about it. But apparently God is into everything we do so... we're packing! WOOHOO!
Er yes, this week is mainly doing stuff like learning some Arabic. Important phrases such as 'where is bathroom' and 'I want eat'. We're also trying to store everything we won't be taking, getting all the wheat free food we can find, cleaning our room, finishing assignments and sorting out insurance and stuff. I'd kind of forgotten to anticipate Egypt in the midst of the tasks and chores, but yesterday I remembered that most of my best memories i've ever made were made on missions trips.

So we'll go make some more.


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