Friday, 25 March 2011

Pocket Watch

We had a time of sung Worship at the base here last night and they prayed for us to send us out to Egypt and it was Wonderfull!
We have been so blessed to be living in a communtiy like this over the last 3 months. Jesus love is real here, its talked about all the time, its lived out, its shown and given freely. To be arround it is just wonderfull. Something like how it must have been in the early church i suppose.
At the end of this time i get given a present by a very Jesus like man.
It was a pocket watch and there was also a poem to go with it....

Early Retirement
Today is the day you retire from sin,
Lay down your guilt and let grace enter in!
Burn all your sackcloth and toss all you ashes,
Put on your robes and bright golden sashes!
Sing from the rooftops and dance on the chimneys,
Stand like a giant amongst all the pigmies!
Rejoice and be glad, for today you retire,
From all of the muck and the sin laden mire!

 Cid Stephens

This was written for me.
God is great.

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