Saturday, 9 April 2011


Right so it's about time we updated our blog. Even if that's to tell you that we can't really update our blog. 

Not helpful.

We are amazingly busy and it's good to be here. But that's about all we can say. We can't even put pictures up, which is vexing because we've been getting some sweet shots. 

So much to tell you, but we've been asked to be uber careful with regards to our internet blabbings - we need to batten down the hatches until we're home. And then we probably still won't be able to write about what we're up to, but if you would like to lets go for a coffee and a chat. 

So sorry that this is a sucky post. I suppose what we can tell you is that we're doing good - John's got an endlessly runny nose which is annoying for him. I am getting annoyed at my stupid unattractive and tiny wardrobe. Might start wearing headscarves just to mix it up a little, so desperate I am to not just rotate the same three outfits. AGH. 
But materialistic vanity aside, we're good. I made John buy a t-shirt that makes him look like a pirate. A really cool pirate. What else can I tell you about? More about clothes?

I shall spare you the boredom and you may go do something else. Like pray for us. 

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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