Friday, 10 June 2011

That is a massive photo of our faces.

Sorry, i'm not sure how to make it smaller. 

Moving on - hello, this is our blog and it's back up and running. I didn't think anyone read it but then lots of people have asked me where it went, so it's lovely to know i'm actually writing to our friends. Howdy, friends.

We're not in Egypt anymore. Freedom of speech ahoy. I shall exercise this fundamental human right to talk about myself, at length.

So we're back in East Sussex, and the first couple of weeks were taken up with much socialising and catching up. To come home to such love - from being pounced on at the airport, to endless cups of tea and offers of free food (always accepted) - has been a healing and restorative process for both of us. There's also been a lot of talking about the future so for those of you who are curious the keywords are: Ukraine, orphans, people who are at risk of being traffiked, and helping to start something new and beautiful.

We're in the country until September and we're only just getting the chance to sit down and look at how we're going to spend our time while we're home. The future plans are so exciting/ terrifying/ huge/ brilliant that we kind of forgot we've got three months at home... obviously, Southover teens are going to be a big part of these weeks because after DTS lecture phase we've actually got some knowledge worth sharing. (Ask me about The Trinity, if you've got four hours and a notepad and the ability to feign interest long after i've just descended into impassioned drivel.)

John's arm is still a bit wrong, in that it's very painful and he's got to have posh doctor types looking at it, so he can't go back to care work or mechanics. This is hard for him cos he hasn't been aimless since he started mechanics ten years ago, but I love it because he is very helpful and nice around the house. And I get lots of attention, which obviously makes me happy.

I am currently trying to plan how I can make money with my obsessive bag making skills - it's potentially looking like a good idea. Fair trade craft fairs, here I come. I shall dress like a hippy, and Lewes ladies shall love me and fling their cash at me.
Seeing as we're only in the country for three months, normal jobs are unlikely so we're going to have to be a bit imaginative. I like my bag idea.

In Summary, the next few months for me will be sewing and sowing. Sewing bags and sowing seeds. Geddit?

My sweet potato (not a pet name for John) is about to explode in the oven so i'm off.
love F xxxxxxxxxxx

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