Saturday, 22 January 2011

Blog a Doodle Do.

Hi friends,

so as we don't have a lot of spare time around here (but many spare tyres as Swiss chocolate and cheese are plentiful and tempting), I shall keep this one brief.

Today we went to Bern - fun because it's fun but sad because it means no slopes again. The town is stunning, especially covered in snow. Things here are so expensive that shopping in town is liberating as we couldn't buy things anyway!  The highlight of the day for John was the Bear Pit, containing a real life bear to whom John preached the gospel and everyone agreed the bear responded.

On a more serious note, this week's teaching was even more epic than the week before. Officially it was all about 'The nature and character of God' which i'd love to sum up for you, but it turns out one of the main things about God is that he can't be boxed. Our brains went a bit melty halfway through the first session...the speaker was a guy called Paul Hawkins who is actually kind of a legend.

In other news, this Wednesday we did our first local outreach. We got to give out hot chocolate to random people while trying to explain in french that God loves them. We do not speak french. I think God likes that we tried! We also got to look after some homeless people a little bit, and there are quite a few in Lausanne. Switzerland is very wealthy in itself but I don't think it always that easy for the less fortunate people here.

We also spent a lot of time praying for Sudan, and a lot of time praying for each other and practising recognising God's voice. It's been an intense week. And tomorrow we have to write book reports and journals about the week.

Right i'm late for dinner so i'll leave you. Please pray that we'll be able to keep up with all the new info, and that we can be a blessing to our staff and fellow students.

Love J and F xxxxxxx

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