Saturday, 29 January 2011

Week three. Or four?

Hello one and all. So we have been so busy that it feels like we've been here a few months but apparently it's only just three weeks, which is confusing. What to tell you?

Well we've all settled into the routine now. This is actually great because it makes the days a bit more peaceful! So the regular things are:
6am workouts Tues and Thurs and running through the forest on Tuesdays.
Breakfast at 6.45am
Bible reading every other day at 7.40am
Lectures every day from 8.30am onwards
Practical ministry from 1.30 til when it's finished
And then more learning/ small groups/ time with our mentors etc until dinner at 6pm.
On Wednesdays we do local outreach in Lausanne in the evening. On thursdays we have Community meeting which is basically a church service for people on the base. The other evenings are meant for studying and assignments but we tend to do fun things like go into town for ice cream. Team bonding is important.

This week's teaching was a three day Bible overview and two days on worship. We especially loved the Bible teaching - our school leader Jordan did it and he gets so excited about it that you get excited too. I couldn't believe how much more there is to the Old Testament than I knew before, it's probably been my favorite week of teaching so far. Plus, we got to do timelines like in school and draw fun pictures.

Ok so there are two bits of news:
1) We're going to Egypt on outreach. Must confess initial anger and sadness, as we both really don't like Egypt or want to be called to North Africa. But we've all been praying about it as a group as well as looking at what's going on there at them moment, and that has been really helpful. It's nice because the other students are so very very excited because for most of them this is their first overseas mission trip, so we get to be a part of that journey with them. Plus, we think God's got stuff for us up his sleeve as well... Will keep you posted on plans. Obviously cannot write too much about our proposed activities out there!
2) Next week we're going up to the mountains to live in a chalet. There's been no snow so we're going higher up - we'll be snowboarding every day. Our teacher for the week will, I think, be living with us and the topic is 'the Father heart of God'. We're both so excited, it's like a mini DTS within a DTS! I'm nervous about chucking myself down a hill on a plank of wood so please pray...

OK so we love you and miss you, but we're also learning more than I thought I could and growing up a lot as well. And having fun!
Will leave you with some cool pictures John's taken:
This is Roman sitting on a lamp post...and this is Allie in a fleamarket...

ok love you bye xxxxxxxx

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