Sunday, 16 January 2011

YWAM Lausanne

Greetings from sunny Switzerland, and from my husband too who is currently up in the roof. Which is the prayer room.

We have ever so much to tell everyone so i'll start, Southover style, with a visual aid:

This is the YWAM base where we're staying - it's an old hotel they've had for about forty years. Our view is the french Alps across lake Geneva, and we're in the middle of a forest. Some trivia for you - the 'U of N' stands for 'University of the Nations' and I am not yet convinced it's a proper university. But don't tell anyone.

Where to start? I'll find it easier if I put things into categories, but i'm not a preacher so they won't all start with the same letter and may not lead to a rousing altar call...

People: Everyone here is actually amazing, particularly our leaders and fellow students. John and I spent the first few days mourning our friends in England - we left in such a busy way that we didn't stop to realise quite how hard life would feel without the homes and hearts of people who know us well. But then we heard testimonies and have realised that it is a priviledge to share this time with these people - all so different and all so inspiring.
God's image is throughout these people and it's beautiful to be part of this.

Teaching: This first week of teaching has been on 'How to hear God's voice'. Our initial thoughts of smugness on this subject have been blown out of the water - older than the others we may be but wiser we are not. Next week is 'The nature and character of God', which I think may reduce us to gibbering, wide eyed wrecks. Looking forward to it!

Our home for the next 3 months: It's not snowing! We managed one day of snowboarding but this week all the resorts had to shut due to the worst conditions our leaders have ever seen - I had my first every snowboarding session on sheer ice. It was difficult. I did not evangelise effectively. Hopefully this DTS won't lack the snowboarding element John was so excited about...
That aside, this place is just gorgeous - the base is lovely, the people are kind, there's a lot to do *including 6am workouts*, the city of Lausanne is the prettiest place i've ever been to and there's still so much to see.

Must go now so much love and keep in touch. xxxx


  1. Hi John and Fritha.
    I just found your blog.. Good job. I am so glad that you have started out on your journey into missions. I am also really glad that you got so involved in southover before you went.
    It is great to read of what you have been up to and to see how God is at work in your lives.
    I hope that you have at least as much fun as we did on our d school and look forward to reading more of what God does in and through you in these coming years.
    Go well

  2. yo fritha and john! great to read and see pics! i love the way you write fritha. very easy and fun to read. gold star for you. you guys are ace. praying for ya's

    dave (nev)